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Take your space to the next level by reimagining it with us

We have the tools and the expertise to help you create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Let us help you create a space that reflects your personality and style. Contact us today to get started.

Creating your own custom home 

A number of valuable applications have been developed as a result of collaboration between Interior AI and different developers.

Our mission

Who are we?

Decorating a home and buying furniture can take a long time. Resources and time are both required when making complex decisions. Interior AI, which uses artificial intelligence to simplify home decorating and home remodeling advice for you, offers a wide range of home decor products based on your budget. It advises on what works best for your space. AI-based software can help make decorating decisions quickly and easily. It can also make recommendations for furniture, artwork, and accessories that are tailored to an individual’s style and preferences. This allows people to create the perfect look for their home in a fraction of the time.

Our team

Mitra Navaei

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate and skilled architectural designer with over 18 years of experience in planning, developing, and implementing exceptional designs in both the furniture and construction industries. Committed to high-quality designs and achieving client satisfaction at every step of the process. A progressive thinker with a deep awareness of the interplay between people, structures, and the environment. Team player with excellent communication skills with the ability to convey complex design concepts and plans to the board and non-technical staff. Passionate and creative founder and jewelry designer creating unique jewelry out of metals ad stones for clients.

Mona Saeedi

Chief Financial Officer

Experienced and highly skilled branch manager with over 20 years of experience in banking systems. Adept in overseeing all aspects of branch performance, sales targets, customer service strategies and initiatives, and operational functionalities. Self-motivated and dedicated to accomplishing objectives and goals through efficient strategizing and execution of action plans. Proficient in handling cash transactions, interacting with business and individual clients, and seeking amicable solutions to problems.

Shahram Shamseddin

Chief Technology Officer

Passionate and skilled designer with over 22 years of experience in planning, developing, and implementing outstanding industrial and architectural design. Committed to delivering high-quality services and client satisfaction. Highly-skilled interior designer creating awe-inspiring spaces by adapting to clients’ needs and bringing their vision to life. Experienced in network administration management supporting hardware and software installation, upgrades, and recoveries. Team player with outstanding communication, problem-solving skills, and a sufficient technical understanding of systems and procedures.